Walk or Cycle to Nagano City’s Most Popular Attractions

Walk or Cycle to Nagano City’s Most Popular Attractions

Zenko-ji temple in Nagano city

Nagano is a small, liveable city. Easily accessible from Tokyo using the Hokuriku Shinkansen, Nagano is in other ways far from the hustle and crowds of the capital. Forget the crowded subways and endless urban jungle, Nagano is a city where you can walk or cycle to most of the popular attractions with local buses running to nearby destinations including the beautiful forests and shrines of Togakushi – pictured below.


Hotel Kokusai 21 is ideally located for accessing the city’s attractions on foot, bicycle, or by taxi. Approximately 20 minutes on foot from Nagano Station, the hotel places you at a convenient midpoint between the surrounding attractions.



Around 15 minutes on foot from the hotel, Zenko-ji Temple is Nagano’s cultural and spiritual centre. First established in 642, the near-1400 year history of Zenko-ji makes it one of the oldest and most important temples in the country. Not only is Zenko-ji one of the  important Buddhist temples – housing the first known Buddhist statue brought to Japan – it is also one of the most welcoming. Every day of the year, the temple conducts a morning service and blessing to attendees and a range of activities including guided meditation, calligraphy and prayer ceremonies through the day, available upon request. Hotel Kokusai 21 is ideally located to walk to and from the temple and hotel staff can provide information about morning services – the time changes through the year – and book activities at the temple.


Uruoikan is another nearby destination. As the only natural ‘onsen’ (thermal hot spring) in Nagano City, Uruoikan is a great option for guests wanting to unwind, relax, and enjoy the popular Japanese past-time of soaking in a hot spring. Particularly enjoyable in the cooler months of autumn and cold of winter, Uruoikan is an easy 15 minute stroll from the hotel and includes a restaurant offering lunch and dinner services.


Most guests come to and from Nagano City through Nagano Station. Located approximately 20 minutes on foot from Hotel Kokusai 21, the station and the many restaurants and bars surrounding it, are easily accessible. For guests looking for entertainment and dining options in the evening, the pleasant stroll back toward the station will present plenty of choice including indoor and outdoor dining at Monzen Terrace Enya.

Hotel Kokusai 21 also provides a free shuttle service to and from the station – our recommendation when you first arrive and upon check-out. Hotel staff will meet you in the station and assist you with luggage as you are quickly transported to the hotel and upon check-out, you will be taken back to the station. Requesting this option can be done at time of booking, by phone or email or once at the hotel.


Hotel Kokusai 21 JPY8,000 ~20,000 / per person