Kokusai 21 Offers Guests a Choice of Multiple In-house Restaurants

Kokusai 21 Offers Guests a Choice of Multiple In-house Restaurants

Hotel Kokusai 21 offers guests a choice of multiple in-house restaurants serving a range of cuisine. Combining outstanding cuisine in stylish settings, each restaurant has a distinct atmosphere and enticing reasons to dine. Situated on the sixteenth floor of the hotel, ‘Sakura’ looks over the city as chefs prepare and serve an indulgent ‘teppanyaki’ menu in front of their guests. Succulent meat is cooked on hotel steel plates, building anticipation of the meal before it is served to diners – one of the best dining experiences in Nagano City.

‘Tsukasa’ specializes in ‘kaiseki’-style (traditional multi-course) dining, in which the presentation, texture, and balance for the cuisine is considered as important as the flavours. Kaiseki menus are designed using local, seasonal ingredients that profile the region’s character and chefs’ recommendations. Served in the comfort of your own room, kaiseki is perhaps the quintessential Japanese dining experience.

International cuisine is served in two restaurants ‘Karin’ and ‘Dono Dono’. Karin offers guests an authentic Chinese menu with favorites including steamed garlic prawns, Peking duck and stir-fried rice with crab. Private rooms are available in addition to the main restaurant, allowing for a comfortable dining experience.


‘Dono Dono’ serves an Italian menu including Neapolitan pizzas, seafood ceviche, gratin and pasta – a great option for guests wanting a change to the local diet. A bright and spacious restaurant, Dono Dono is a popular option for both lunch and dinner.


Hotel Kokusai 21 JPY8,000 ~20,000 / per person