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Experience the Seasonal Beauty & Natural Splendor of Japan

Experience the Seasonal Beauty & Natural Splendor of Japan

Known for its wild landscapes and natural beauty, Nagano is a region where you can escape the hustle and stress of the cities and get back to nature. Located deep within the beautiful surroundings of the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga is an outstanding destination for guests wanting to witness and wander through the seasonal beauty and natural splendor of Japan.


Nestled within the park, Shiga Kogen is Japan’s largest ski resort making winter the most popular time of year to visit. From the early season snow until the beautiful fresh snows of spring – and everything in between – winter visitors to Hotel Grand Phenix are blessed with some of Japan’s best powder and Nagano’s longest season. The resort’s altitude and reliability of snow make it a particularly enticing destination for visitors wanting to experience a white Christmas.

On both December 24th and 25th, the hotel provides Christmas activities including a concert on Christmas Day – a truly magical time to visit! While the snowfall on any one day can never be guaranteed, Shiga Kogen offers your best chance in Nagano of experiencing the delight of a white Christmas in the warmth and comfort of the resorts premier hotel.


Outside of winter, the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park lures visitors with the promise of one of Japan’s most beautiful and important landscapes. Declared a national park in 1949, Joshinetsu Kogen was also recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Conservation Area (or Eco Park) in 1981 due to the uniqueness and importance of many of its alpine plants and animals. The park covers and expansive area – over 30,000 ha – across Nagano, Gunma and Niigata prefectures, defined by its multiple mountain peaks – including the dual volcanoes of Mt Shirane and Mt Asama – and stunning alpine valleys.

 Hiking Shiga-kogen Highlands

Approximately 70 marshes, lakes and ponds are scattered through the highlands with secondary forests, bamboo groves and rare alpine flowers and plants creating an ecologically – and truly beautiful – landscape to explore. The highlands are also home to many species of unique fauna including Japanese macaques, serow and other species of deer, black beers, stoats, and more than 60 bird species.

Snow monkeys in the forest

The varied highland landscapes offer visitors the chance to breathe and experience in the changing seasons of Japan. From the pristine white, heavy snow of winter, to the mountain flowers of spring and summer, and changing leaves – colored red, yellow, gold and brown – in autumn, Shiga Kogen has long been popular for Japanese wanting to wander through, photograph, and spend time in one of Japan’s most beautiful and important alpine landscapes.

Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga offers guests premium accommodation in the heart of the national park from where you can explore the beauty of the landscape through all seasons of the year. Whether you are an avid mountain hiker, keen nature photographer or simply looking to enjoy one of Japan’s premier national parks in the comfort of its only luxury accommodation, Hotel Grand Phenix offers unrivaled convenience, service and setting to experience the natural splendor of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.



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