English-speaking Ski/Snowboard Instructors & Backcountry Guides

English-speaking Ski/Snowboard Instructors & Backcountry Guides

Located at Centre House at the base of the Okushiga ski fields, the Shiga International Ski School is the resorts offers visitors the resort’s most highly rated ski and snowboarder instructors. Offering both group and private lessons, English-speaking instructors can cater to skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

Also situated in Okushiga, Hotel Grand Phenix is within easy walking distance of the ski school with private lessons also available directly from the hotel. Operating every day through the winter season, Shiga International Ski School offers the following rates:

Group Ski Lessons (max. 6 people)


Morning Lesson / 09:30-12:00        JPY9,800

Full-day Lesson / 09:30-15:00         JPY14,900

Afternoon Lesson / 13:00-15:00      JPY8,800


Half-day Lesson / 2 hours                JPY9,500

Full-day Lesson / 4 hours                JPY13,500

Group Snowboard Lessons (max. 6 people)


No group class available but can be arranged as a private lesson


Half-day Lesson / 2 hours                JPY9,500

Full-day Lesson / 4 hours                JPY13,500

Ski & Snowboard Private Lessons

Lessons are available upon request and charged at the following rates for both children and adults:

2 hours / JPY19,000

3 hours / JPY27,000

4 hours / JPY37,000

5 hours / JPY45,000

Instructors can provide lessons in English or several other foreign languages. Enquiries and bookings can be made in advance directly with the ski school or through Hotel Grand Phenix once you have checked-in. For intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders, Shiga International Ski School can arrange side and backcountry guides – a great way to experience the best of the resort. Known for its fantastic powder and beautiful off-piste areas, Shiga Kogen is the ideal location to get off the trail and discover a true powder paradise.

While the resort restricts side and backcountry – for the safety of visitors – local guides can be arranged to help you access off-piste areas safely and enjoyably. Visitors wanting to experience side and backcountry should always use a guide. For further information, please contact Shiga International Ski School: +81-(0)269 24 2007 /


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