Easy Access from Nagano Station & Snow Monkey Park

Easy Access from Nagano Station & Snow Monkey Park

Hotel Grand Phenix is situated with the beautiful surroundings of Joshinestu Kogen National Park. Though a world away from the hassle and hum of the city, the hotel is easily accessible from Nagano Station – approximately an 80 minute drive from the region’s major transport hub.

Nagano Station is serviced by the Hokuriku Shinkansen, connecting it to central Tokyo within 80 to 110 minutes dependent on which train service you choose. Once at Nagano, your journey to Hotel Grand Phenix is simple and quick, with multiple options to choose from.

Through different periods of the year, the Grand Phenix offers a courtesy shuttle service directly from Nagano Station to the hotel. This service is provided at no additional cost. Please enquire about its availability at time of booking. The shuttle service will be available for the early ski season – from December 1st to 20th 2019 – and again for the late season/spring skiing – from April 1st to May 1st 2020.  For further information and reservations, please enquire directly to the hotel.

For guests wanting to make their own way to the hotel, private taxis from the station, central Nagano or any other location (including the nearby Snow Monkey Park) are another option for getting to the hotel quickly and in comfort. Prices vary however for 4 persons, you can expect to pay around JPY15,000 for the journey and around JPY21,000 for a larger taxi (suitable for up to 9 passengers).

Train and express bus services from Nagano Station are also available and form part of a two step journey. Guests choosing to use the Nagano Dentetsu (Nagaden) limited express train service can travel to Yudanaka Station – approximately 45 minutes – where they can transfer to a private taxi or local bus for the final journey to the hotel – around 45 or 60 minutes respectively.

Another simple option for Nagano Station, the Nagaden express bus service departs from Bus Stop No. 23 outside the station’s East Exit. This bus stops at the Snow Monkey Park before heading to Shiga Kogen where it ends at the Haisuke Bus Stop. From Nagano Station to Haisuke takes approximately 60 minutes, from where guests would need to transfer to a local bus or private taxi for the final journey to the hotel – approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

For guests wanting to visit the world-famous Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park en route to the hotel, the express bus is a convenient option. Situated in Japan’s largest ski resort – Shiga Kogen – Hotel Grand Phenix is approximately a 45 minute drive which can also been completed by private taxi.


Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga JPY10,000 ~ 70,000 / per person