Hiroshima Station Area

Hiroshima Station Area

For international visitors, Hiroshima Station is the main point of entry and exit to the city thanks to the San’yo Shinkansen line. From the station, local train, tram and bus lines run to all of Hiroshima’s most popular destinations including the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park and the Miyajima ferry pier. As such, staying around the station is the most convenient option for visitors.

Within the immediate vicinity of the station you’ll find a large range of accommodation including mid-size and large Western-style hotels. The majority of the city’s most popular attractions are accessible from the southern side of the station with hotels on both sides with the Sheraton Grand being a notable high-end option on the north side of the station. Prices around the station can be a little high than in the central city – but not hugely so – and are often cheaper than comparable accommodation around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. For that reason, we recommend the Hiroshima Station as the most convenient area to stay when visiting the city.


Hiroshima Station is easy to reach thanks to the San'yo Shinkansen. Running from Shin-Osaka Station to Hakata Station via Hiroshima, the San'yo Shinaknsen connects to the Tokaido Shinkansen - bound for Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo - and Kyushu Shinkansen at those two stations. Frequent services run to and from Hiroshima each day, taking around 80 to 90 minutes to reach Hiroshima from Osaka


Hiroshima Station Area