Ginza Station Area

Ginza Station Area

One of Tokyo’s most famous shopping areas, known for its high-end department and luxury brand stores, Ginza is hugely popular during the day-time with some truly excellent dining available through the day and well into the night. In terms of staying in the Ginza Station Area, it could be said that is neither convenient nor inconvenient. Under a 10-minute walk from Tokyo Station, staying in Ginza puts you within easy reach of shinkansen lines and trains to Narita Airport and Haneda Airport, but should you want to avoid carrying your luggage, you will need to take a short train – only 2-minutes – between the two stations rather than simply staying around Tokyo Station. So why stay in Ginza? That’s easy. Ginza boasts multiple high-end hotels, excellent restaurants and as mentioned, one of Japan’s – if not the world’s – most famous shopping streets. If that appeals to you then Ginza is a great option.