Akihabara Station Area

Akihabara Station Area

Located just to the north of Tokyo Station, Akihabara’s reputation proceeds it. Home to Tokyo’s celebrated ‘otaku’ or geek culture, the area around Akihabara Station is crammed with large electronics stores, manga and anime outlets, games centres, maid cafes and all the neon you can handle. Often just called ‘Akiba’, there’s a good chance you will have heard of or seen photos of Akihabara before you even get to Japan.


Around the station a number of mid-range hotels offer good convenience with other options including budget hotels dotted through the area. Whether or not Akihabara appeals to you as a destination, its proximity to Tokyo Station – under 5-minutes – and as a stop on the Yamanote Line – the loop line that circles through Tokyo – make it a convenient base from where to explore the city.


Prices are notably cheaper than around the Tokyo Station/Marunouchi area making it a great option for many visitors.

Akihabara Station Area