With seventy percent of its land mass covered by mountainous terrain, Japan is at its heart – both geographically and spiritually – a country of mountains. Inspiring awe and hinting at the sublime, the high mountain peaks have long been considered the domains of gods and spirits, and inspired a unique appreciation for the natural world and Japan itself

Boasting five of Japan’s ten highest mountains and many peaks over 3000 meters, dramatic ranges and volcanoes, and some of the country’s most iconic alpine landscapes, Nagano is blessed with countless trails and hiking courses suitable for all levels of fitness – from relaxing strolls through undulating hills to multi-day mountain ascents.

From the highest peaks of Mt Kita (3193m), Mt Hotaka (3190m), and Mt Yari (3180m) spread across the mountain ranges known collectively as the `Japanese Alps` or the iconic Snow Walls of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, to the historic Edo Period trade route and postal towns of the Nakasendo Trail and stunning Kiso Valley, or the spiritual significance of Togakushi, graced by its towering cedars and forest shrines, the hiking trails of Nagano open-up the natural wonder, cultural beauty, historic significance, and spiritual core of Japan's mountainous heartland for all to explore.

As Nagano's No.1 tour operator, we offer a range of tours including private tours that take in some of the region's most enjoyable and stunning alpine experiences, in their own right or in combination with other popular destinations.

Operating all year round, we're here to help you get the most out of your hiking adventures in Nagano. All you need to do is pack, grab your walking staff, and let's get going!