Meet Your Guides

    • Kieron

      G’day! I’m Kieron and originally from Brisbane, Australia.

      When young and wanting to spread my wings, I followed the well worn path to Europe and then on to work in the U.K. While en route back to Australia from that adventure, a planned stopover in Japan became slightly extended and is now more than 20 years and counting!

      In particular, I felt embraced by the surrounding mountains of Nagano and one of the reasons I now call Nagano my home. The history and tranquility of the area, along with the variety of outdoor pursuits on offer over four seasons, keeps me active and entertained.

      It’ll be my absolute pleasure to show you some of the highlights of this magnificent area!
    • Haruna

      Konnichiwa, everyone! I am originally from Nagano but used to live in London for thirteen years. When I came back home in 2017, I was amazed by the nature of Nagano. The beautiful mountains along with the tasty local and seasonal food made settle back here!

      In the UK, I worked as a multi-instrumentalist and to support the revitalization of my town – Iizuna - I am currently playing in a local Japanese 'taiko' drum group. I want to share my love for taiko with my town and across all of Nagano.

      Here's what I love to do in Nagano in each season: in spring, I enjoy picking fresh green wild vegetables; in summer, I make quick getaways to cool and relaxing spots in the mountains; in autumn I eat wild mushroom miso soup while viewing the autumn leaves; and in winter, I visit the Snow Monkeys of course!

      I would love you to experience this beautiful place called Nagano.
    • Sijung

      Hello! I am Sijung. Before residing amongst the breathtaking nature of Nagano, I lived across Asia, Europe, and North America. Here is how my journey to Nagano began...

      It started with mecha-robots and console games. Like many of my generation, Japanese animation and console games played a big part in my childhood, especially during my middle school years in Taiwan. Later in life, I visited Japan many times and was captivated by her awesome nature. Eventually, I even fell in love with a lady from Nagano and we got married. After many years of living in cites around the world, we decided to settle in Nagano and raise our daughter away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

      The photo of me and the snow monkeys was shot by a kind guest. I am very thankful to these snow monkeys. If not for them I would not have such a cool job that allows me run around in the snow, befriend guests from all over the world, and last but not least, stay fit! In summer, I also help local farmers in the vineyards and orchards. During my free time, I enjoy cycling across Nagano’s gorgeous mountain ranges.

      Hope to see you on my tour!
    • Sylvain

      Hi everyone! My name is Sylvain and I am originally from France. I have travelled a great deal through the world, as I still had a strong desire to set off for adventures and faraway horizons.

      Japan always used to be a country for which I had a great affinity since my childhood. My first trip here turned-out to be the beginning of a new adventure. When I travelled in Japan, I fell in love with Nagano Prefecture. I found an environment which reminded me of the French Alps where I was born. So, feeling very much at home, I decided to settle here. I am now living at the foot of the Japanese Alps, where I can enjoy skiing and hiking thanks to the beautifull surroundings mountains, as well as enjoying a typical local lifestyle including local food and beverages, such as 'soba' and 'sake'.

      I look forward to meeting you here and sharing my love for this beautiful region!
    • Moto

      Hi, I am Moto and originally from Saitama, next to Tokyo. I spent most of time running through mountains in my 20's. I kept moving around, sometimes overseas for running races. I then shifted my focus to skiing in winter at Nagano's most famous snow resort, Hakuba.

      Working as a hiking guide in New Zealand, I noticed most of my guests had been to Japan or wanted to go to Japan. That experience led to ask the question, "Why not guide in my country, Japan?" That is why I am here!

      Nagano is good place to chill, see the beauty of nature, getaway from the busy city and do all outdoor activities I mentioned. I would love to introduce this beautiful place to you!
    • Peter

      Hi everyone! I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but now living in Nagano Prefecture. When I first came to Japan and ventured outside of the big cities I was struck by the beauty of the landscape – the mountains, forests, rivers, and farmlands. This is a place with four distinct seasons, each typified by different colours, aromas, sounds, and cultural activities; all of which make Nagano so memorable and worth visiting anytime during the year.

      I have a Master of Cultural Heritage with an interest in all forms of traditional cultural expression. You might be surprised to learn that for most Japanese, the national heartland is not Tokyo or Kyoto but traditional rural areas such as this – often referred to as 'satoyama'. It is place where you can step back into tradition and discover the values and practices that define this amazing country. See you in Nagano!