Yudanaka Summer Festival

Yudanaka Summer Festival

The Yudanaka Summer Festival is held each year and is the annual event that locals of the snow monkey look forward to most! All festival activities and performances are organized and arranged by residents. School children pound their ‘taiko’ (traditional Japanese) drums, bands play their original songs, karaoke is sung by anyone wanting to showcase their skills (good and bad!), a lottery with fun prizes is held, and lots more! Most importantly, everyone is invited to join in the dancing of the festive ‘bon-odori’… don’t worry if you don’t know the steps, the locals will take pleasure in teaching you!


The festival is held in the middle of Yudanaka and runs over the course of one month. Several stands sell festival foods, like shaved ice or fried soba, with beer flowing freely. Other places let you give festival games a go, like shooting or fishing. One of Yamanouchi’s most beloved restaurants, GOEN, is participating in the festivities as well. They have a beer garden where you can enjoy local craft beer, sake or snacks that complement your drinks.


The Yudanaka Summer Festival is a small in scale but big in fun and with a full of festive atmosphere. This event is truly authentic and a wonderful way for you to discover Japanese culture at a local level and the essence of rural Japan.