Toyono Yoishoko Festival

Toyono Yoishoko Festival

The Toyono Yoishoko Festival (豊野ヨイショコまつり) is divided into two parts. The first part, during the day, is where they carry mikoshi, which are portable Shinto shrines used to carry deities from one place to another. Normally these are little house-like buildings, but at the Toyono Yoishoko Festival they do things a bit differently. Toyono is famous for their apples and apple harvest is of the essence. To ensure a good apple harvest the people make apple shaped mikoshi. Various groups will participate in the festival with their homemade apple mikoshi and travel up and down the streets of Toyono.


The second part of the festival is dancing through the streets of Toyono while big lanterns are being showcased. If you wish to mix with the locals and see a regional festival, this festival is the one to go to. With up to 1000 people participate in the dancing, this event is sure to get you energized!


Don’t rush home after the festival because the dancing is followed by a “small” fireworks show of about an hour.


Mikoshi part 16:30 - 17:20 -- Dancing part 18:00 - 19:15

Early August (usually 2nd Saturday)


From Nagano Station take the JR Kita-Shinano line (250 JPY) for about 15 minutes to Toyono station and take the North exit.