Togakushi Dondo-Yaki Festival

Togakushi Dondo-Yaki Festival

Dondo-Yaki is an event usually held after the New Year’s Holidays.


It is a traditional event commonly seen more in the countryside of Japan, where everyone in the neighborhood gathers to make a big bonfire to wish for happiness of the new year.


For the event (戸隠どんど焼き祭り), a 3 meters high tower made of green bamboo is build and all new year decorations/ornaments are brought to the tower by the people from the neighborhood. Then, the tower is lit on fire. The flames climb steadily up to the top of the 3 meter bamboo tower and creates an impressive scene for all those present to at the festival.


After the bonfire, foods like rice cakes (mochi) and sake drinks are served to visitors, and a drum performance and fireworks are showcased as the last events of the festival.


This event is held at the night from 19 pm, therefore please book a hotel in Nagano City in advance!