Takato Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Takato Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring is always a big event in Japan, with Japanese traveling the country to see the best cherry blossoms. One of the best cherry blossom spots is the Takato Castle Park, a park which lays on the ruins of Takato Castle. Instead of a castle keep, the park now has numerous sakura trees which all bloom bright in beginning to mid-April.


Wonder among the 1,500 cherry blossom trees and enjoy the festive atmosphere; you’ll see people lounging on picnic blankets looking at the blossoms above them, street vendors selling everything from ‘yakitori’ to ice cream, and amazing views over the surrounding alpine mountains.


While the park is a little tricky to get to, visitors who make the effort will be treated to one of Japan’s most spectacular cherry blossom displays.


06:00 to 22:00

Early-April / varies between seasons depending on the bloom

Takato Castle Park is somewhat time-consuming to reach. The nearest train station is Inashi Station using the local Iida Line from Okaya Station - approx. 50-minutes by train. Once at Inashi Station, visitors then need to use local buses which will take you nearby the park - another 25-minute journey - followed by a 15-minute walk to the park itself

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