Autumn Leaves of Korankei

Autumn Leaves of Korankei


Approximately two hours from Nagoya using public transport, ‘Koraneki’ or the Koran Valley is regard as one of the reigon’s best locations for viewing autumn leaves., Known as ‘koyo’ in Japanese, enjoying the leaves is an autumn past-time that rivals the cherry blossoms of spring.


Korankei follows the Tomoe River around the base of Mount Iimori. Numerous tress lines the banks of the river, typically at their best through November each year (although this depends on the season).


Legend has it that in the 17th century, the head abbot of the local Kojakuji Temple planted many of the maple trees that today, attract visitors from all over the region each autumn. During that time, trees around the Taigetsu-kyo Bridge are illuminated in the evening – from sunset until 21:00 – creating a beautiful environment through which to wander.


It is said that the best colours can be found around the paths along the Tomoe River, on the western and southern sides of Mount Iimori. Set against a stunning background of red, amber and gold, Taigestukyo Bridge is a popular photography spot.


Nightly illumination from sunset until 21:00



Approximately a 4 to 4.5-hour drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

There is no convenient or direct public transport from Nagoya to Korankei. From Nagoya Station, take a train to Yakusa Station, Shin-Toyota or Higashi-Okazaki Station. Each station has buses running to Korankei in November, taking between 40 to 70 minutes (depending on which station you are going from) and departing every 1 to 2 hours


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