Yuzen & Kusaki-Zome Dyeing Workshop

Yuzen & Kusaki-Zome Dyeing Workshop

At Gallery Hanagura (ギャラリー花蔵), various traditional techniques are used to create unique and elegant products. Here you can participate in a Yuzen or Kusaki-zome dyeing workshop.


The earliest records of Yuzen dyeing is from the 8th century and the dye-style was traditionally used to dye kimonos. Yuzen dyeing is a style where one paints the dye onto the clothing or piece of cloth. This results in unique shapes all drawn by hand. When attending the workshop you don’t have to fret about your artistic skills. The craftsman will draw an outline for you which you will dye. You can choose to make a cloth painting as big as an A5 or A4. The course takes about 2 hours.


Kusaki-zome is a dyeing method that uses dye made from flowers, trees, fruit and plants. You can dye a handkerchief or a silk scarf during this 2-hour course and take it home as a souvenir. You will also get an explanation on where the dye comes from while dyeing.


It is best if you make a reservation for participation of a workshop at Hanagura. The people at the shop might be able to get you into a workshop when you drop by without reservation, but there is no guarantee.


To make reservations, please use the phone number on the right or send an e-mail to:



10:00 ~ 18:00

Closed on Tuesdays

Yuzen small ¥3500, big ¥5000


Kusaki-zome handkerchief ¥1500, silk stole from ¥2500

Walking distance from Nagano Station and Zenko-ji Temple

From Nagano Station:Take the Zenko-ji Exit and cross the street at the crossing. Walk on the right of the Chuo-dori Street in the direction of the Zenko-ji Temple. When you see a building called Shimizuya turn right and you'll see the Hanagura Gallery almost immediately on your right-hand side.


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