Yasuesou BIO Hotel & Holistic Experiences

Yasuesou BIO Hotel & Holistic Experiences

As the first hotel in Asia to receive certification as a ‘BIO Hotel’, Yasuesou offers guests a unique experience designed to promote health, harmony and revitalisation. All products provided to guests during their stay – including bedding and linen, soap and skin care products, cuisine and more – are organic while all materials guests come in contact with are natural.


Opened in 2015, Yasuesou is one of around 100 hotels around the world to achieve certification and as mentioned above, the first in Asia to be recognised for meeting a very high standard of sustainability and use of natural and organic materials.


Yasuesou aims to provide guests with a therapeutic and relaxing stay that reduces stress, while educating and encouraging people to pursue a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Every aspect of your stay is designed to achieve this aim, starting with the relaxing interior of the hotel.


Using natural materials and subtle aromas, guests feel immediately more relaxed upon entering Yasuesou and can then choose to simply relax in their room, enjoy the hotel’s in-house library and herbal spa. All meals served at Yasuesou are designed around use of fresh vegetables and herbs from local farms, further promoting health and sustainability.


Yasuseou partners with local activity providers to offer a range of practices at or nearby the hotel including yoga and guided forest walks with beautiful views of the surrounding mountain landscape. Set within a beautiful forested landscape in rural Nagano and in the shadow of the North Alps, Yasuesou offers guests a chance to escape the stress of daily life, reset and return with a more balanced and healthy disposition.



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Approximately 2-hours drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

The nearest station to the hotel is Azumi-Kutsukake Station on the Oito Line - approximately 55-minutes by train from Matsumoto Station. From Azumi-Kutsukake the hotel can be reached using taxi - approx. 15-minutes. Alternatively, for guests who are driving themselves, the hotel is approx. 50-minutes drive from Matsumoto or between 4 to 5-hours drive from central Tokyo