Predicting the Autumn Leaves

Predicting the Autumn Leaves

Each season in Nagano offers its own reasons to visit. From the deep snow of winter to the blossoms and baby monkeys of spring followed by the festivals and mountain-hiking of summer, there’s great reasons to visit through the year.

Shiga-kogen Highlands

In autumn, the stunning leaves entice visitors back to the mountains and to explore the forests  in search of some of Japan’s best ‘koyo’. Typically occurring from late-September through to mid or late-November, the leaves will first change in areas of higher altitude before gradually transforming the forests and valleys below.

Our ‘The Best Places to See the Leaves in Nagano’ page lists some of the best spots to enjoy the autumn leaves in and around Nagano, including information as to when they should be at their best – noting that the exact timing of the leaves varies from year-to-year and cannot be guaranteed too far in advance.

When planning your visit, it’s best to refer to the ‘koyo forecast’ and prediction for each prefecture in Japan. Most of this information is published in Japanese but websites are relatively simple to navigate. Nagano is written as: 長野.

Our advice is to plan ahead but allow flexibility in your schedule to move to the best location once in Nagano. Timing your visit for mid-October to mid-November should guarantee the best possible conditions.


So get planning, keep an eye on the forecast. Want to experience the autumn leaves on a private tour or charter? free to contact us and let’s get planning together!