Wasabi-Picking in Azumino

Wasabi-Picking in Azumino

Located between Matsumoto and the Hakuba Valley, and in the shadow of the North Japan Alps, Azumino is a tranquil rural enclave best-known for its abundant farmlands and mountain vistas. Fed by the pristine rivers running out of the Alps, the farms of Azumino produce some of Japan’s best vegetables and fruit – most famously, apples, ‘soba’ (buckwheat noodles), and ‘wasabi’.


While many international visitors will be familiar with wasabi before arriving in Japan, what many people don’t realise that it’s likely they’ve never tried the real stuff, with most wasabi sold around the world being horseradish or mustard dyed green. Real wasabi is a slow growing crop that requires an ideal climate including abundant, mineral-rich and clean water to grow in well-tended river beds. Azumino and its renowned Daio Wasabi Farm is one of the biggest producers of wasabi, and there’s no better way to experience the surprisingly versatile uses of the plant then directly from the farm.

Our 1-Day Wasabi-Picking Experience & Kamikochi Alpine Valley Tour offers guests the rare chance to pick their own wasabi straight from its riverbed, in one of several farms surrounding Daio. There are few chances to do this for yourself in Japan and enjoying the taste of your freshly-grated wasabi with lunch, is a great way to really get a taste of what Azumino is all about in combination with a visit to the beautiful alpine valley of Kamikochi.


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Available May to November

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