Traditional Papercraft Experience in Matsumoto

Traditional Papercraft Experience in Matsumoto

Known as ‘washi’, traditional Japanese paper plays an important role in country’s thriving arts and crafts scene. With a history dating back more than one thousand years, this seemingly simple past-time is rich in cultural meaning and can be enjoyed by anyone thanks to its durability and malleability – which allows the paper to be shaped and crafted into elaborate images. Visitors wanting to try their hand at traditional papercraft while in Matsumoto can do so with the following two options:

Traditional ‘Washi’ Experience

This basic craft workshop is great fun and suitable to guests all ages. With both 60 and 90-minute options available – 60-min / JPY4500 & 90-min / JPY5500 per person – an experienced instructor will guide you every step of the way cutting, crafting and shaping your own paper images.


‘Karakuri Byobu’ Experience

‘Karakuri’ translates as ‘mechanism’ or ‘trick’, while ‘byobu’ means ‘folding screen’ and as such, karakuri byobu is the craft of folding and cutting paper into forms that defy the mind or ‘trick’ craft. Workshops take 90-minutes – JPY5000 per person – in which time your instructor will explain everything to you and help you craft your own karakuri byoubu picture-holder – an ideal keepsake for you to proudly show your favourite photo of your travels in Japan once back home.


Available upon on request throughout the year, bookings can be made for anytime from 10:00 to 16:00. Bookings can be made using the phone number and email listed above.



10:00 to 16:00 / workshops take 60-90 mins

Available daily (upon request)

JPY4500-JPY5500 per person (groups of up to 6)

The location of the workshop will be confirmed upon booking. It will be within 10 to 15-minutes walk of Matsumoto Castle and Matsumoto Station