Togakushi Ski Resort

Togakushi Ski Resort

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Togakushi Ski Resort

Located less than an hour from JR Nagano Station, Togakushi Ski Resort is a small but highly enjoyable ski area popular with locals. Consisting of 19 ski runs serviced chairlifts – a total of around 58 hectares of piste and 550 metres of vertical – Togakushi is indeed relatively small but unlike the larger resorts of Hakuba, it retains its Japanese character.


Mostly frequented by Japanese, you won’t encounter the crowds and hugely international profile of the Hakuba resorts. Weekdays are likely to be quiet and when the snow is good, this is a highly entertaining resort that you’ll wish you discovered earlier!


Off-piste skiing/boarding is officially banned at Togakushi. Advanced skiers and snowboarders are likely to find this frustrating, and with short runs and relatively straight-forward terrain, Togaksuhi is best suited to beginners and intermediates. However, visitors to the resort will quickly notice that it remains particularly popular with local, advanced skiers, who hone their skills on several black runs.


The resort remains heavily focused on skiers with snowboarders a relative rarity and those that are there usually know what they’re doing. The lack of snowboard newbies at Togakushi is a positive, as the ski runs are uncluttered by first-timers allowing intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders to go about their business without hinderance.


Togakushi can’t boast the massive snowfall of others resorts in Nagano. Indeed its season average of less than 8 metres seems somewhat disappointing however the quality of its powder is good. Togakushi also experiences significantly colder temperatures than other resorts meaning that the snow stays in better condition for longer.


Depending on snow conditions, Togakushi Ski Resort is typically open from mid-December until mid-March and offers enough to keep you entertained for a day or two. A great option for day-trippers from Tokyo or Nagano regular wanting to try something new!


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