How to Get to Togakushi

How to Get to Togakushi


Upon arriving in Togakushi, first-time visitors will be surprised just how close it is to Nagano City. Using public transport, taxi or private car Togakushi can be reached from:

From Nagano Station


Exit Nagano Station via the Zenkoji Exit and head to your left to the crossing (there is a large video display on the other side of the road). Walk across the road and again go to your left. You will shortly come to the Alpico bus stand (pictured below). There are several buses headed for Togakushi however the No.70 is the most convenient.

As you arrive at Togakushi, you can disembark at Togaksuhi-Hokosha (Lower Shrine) – approx.. 50 mins / JPY1150 one-way – or keep going to Togakushi-Chusha (Middle Shrine) – approx. 60 mins / JPY1250 one-way. For visitors wanting to go straight to the Okusha (Upper Shrine) – approx. 65 mins / JPy1350 one-way – just stay on the bus a little longer and for all stops, simply listen for the drivers announcement. Tickets are purchased on the bus (cash only).

Togakushi shrine Hokosha

Discounted return trip tickets are also available from Nagano to Togakushi-Hokosha – JPY2100 – and Nagano to Togakushi-Chusha – JPY2250.

From the Jigokudani Monkey Park


There is no direct transport between the park and Togakushi. The easiest option is to return to Nagano Station using the Nagano Dentetsu (Nagaden) train line or Nagaden Express Bus service. For visitors using the train, Yudanaka Station is the nearest to the park. You can use both limited express or local services to Nagano Station but we recommend using the limited express trains. Once back in Nagano, follow the directions above to the Alpico bus stand.

From Hakuba


From Hakuba, visitors can use the bus to head to Nagano Station before transferring to the local bus headed for Togakushi. The Alpico bus service from the Hakuba to Nagano takes approximately 75 minutes, an easy and convenient way to make the journey from the station. The bus operates from the Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal with tickets available for purchase at the counter – please refer to the following page for information including the timetable and ticket prices.

From Nozawa Onsen


From Nozawa, make your way to Iiyama Station using the Nozawa Onsen Liner express bus service or private taxi. Once at the station, head to Nagano Station using the local train service – approx. 45 mins – or Hokuriku Shinkansen – approx. 10 mins. Once at Nagano Station, follow the directions above to the Alpico bus stand.

From Tokyo


Traveling to Togakushi from Tokyo Station is simple. Take the Hokuriku Shinkansen – see the above link – from Tokyo or Ueno Stations to Nagano Station. Once in Nagano, follow the directions above to the Alpico bus stand.

From Nagoya


From Nagoya Station, take the Limited Express Shinano to Nagano Station. Once in Nagano, follow the directions above to the Alpico bus stand.

From Osaka and Kyoto


Reaching Togakushi from either Osaka or Kyoto takes a little effort but is straightforward. The first step is reaching Nagano. There are no direct train services but instead three options, all of which take around the same amount of time:

1 / take the Tokaido Shinkansen back to Tokyo and then switch to the Hokuriku Shinkansen bound for Nagano

2 / take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagaoya and then switch to the Limited Express Shinano bound for Nagano

3 / take the Limited Express Thunderbird service to Kanazawa and then switch to the Hokuriku Shinkansen bound for Nagano.

Once at Nagano Station, follow the directions above to the Alpico bus stand.



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