Togakure Ninja Training in Togakushi

Togakure Ninja Training in Togakushi

Established in Togakushi in the 12th century, the Togakure school of ninjitsu is one of the three major schools of ninja in Japan. Visitors to Togakushi can of course learn about this tradition at the Togakure Ninpo Museum while kids and families can enjoy the Chibikko Ninja Mura (Kids Ninja Village) but for the true ninja, you can also try your hand at the secretive arts with ninja training.

Believe it or not, ninja still exist in Togakushi with dedicated practitioners keeping the skill and art of Togakure ninja alive. For willing visitors, they offer ninja training in Togakushi village – a fun activity for guests of all ages. Workshops vary depending on the interests of the guest but typically run for a couple of hours in which time your instructor introduces some of the principles ninjitsu before teaching you some fighting and sword techniques.


Workshops are fun and engaging as you discover an art which locals are striving to keep alive and has relevance to modern life, with its focus on mindfulness and concentration instilling a sense of calm over participants. Ninja training can be arrange through the Togakushi Tourist Information Center upon request and is an ideal activity of families staying in the area overnight including at one of Togakushi’s beautiful ‘shukubo’.



Upon request

Prices yet to be confirmed for 2022

Approximately 70-minutes drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

The Togakushi Tourist Information Center can be reached using local bus services from Nagano Station. Buses depart from outside the Alpico office across from the Zenkoji Exit of the station. Take either Bus No.70 or No.73 and disembark at the Chusha / Middle Shrine Stop when you see the large 'torii' gate to your right. The journey takes around 65-minutes when using Bus No.70 and 85-minutes when using Bus No.73 and costs JPY1,350 one-way