The Famous Food of Nagano
Experience the Culinary Delights of Matsumoto

Experience the Culinary Delights of Matsumoto

As Nagano’s No.1 tour operator, we love introducing our guests to the flavours and delights of the region’s food culture. Each of our tours uses restaurants that serve excellent food with most ingredients sourced from local farms and producers. We know that well-fed guests are happy guests, so when considering a tour with us, you can go ahead and book with confidence. When it comes to your stomach, we’re going to look after you!

For visitors wanting to sample and enjoy some of Nagano’s renowned cuisine, our 1-Day Matsumoto Castle & Local Food Experience Tour introduces guests to the culinary delights of the region with a morning visit to Daio Wasabi Farm. Grown in glistening streams of pristine water, the subtlety and versatility of real wasabi often surprises guests, while the beauty of the farm itself is well worth seeing.

After your morning visit to the farm, it’s time to try your hand at soba-making! Nagano is famous for its buckwheat noodles and led an instructor and your guide, you will knead, roll, and cut your own noodles before combining them with your freshly grated wasabi for a refreshing lunch.

After lunch you will head to Kametaya Brewery to sample yet another of Nagano’s most acclaimed products – ‘sake’. As Japan’s most famous drink, the world of sake is complex and steeped in history which is best experienced right where it’s produced, at one of the region’s oldest and most acclaimed breweries.

The tour concludes with an afternoon visit to one of the region’s most iconic attractions, Matsumoto Castle. More than 400 years old and a registered National Treasure, Matsumoto Castle is one of Nagano’s most impressive cultural sites, known for its structural beauty set against a splendid mountain backdrop.

Starting and ending at Nagano Station, this engaging one day tour is sure to leaving a lasting and flavourful impression.


The Famous Food of Nagano

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