Stay at a Traditional 'Shukubo' in Togakushi

Stay at a Traditional 'Shukubo' in Togakushi

Home to some of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan, Togakushi has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years. Five shrines make-up the Togakushi complex of which the Okusha (Upper Shrine) and its iconic avenue of giant cedars and the Chusha (Middle Shrine) are the most celebrated. The area around these and the Hokosha (Lower Shrine), forms Togakushi village, an area that also boasts multiple ‘shukubo’ at which anyone visitor is welcome to stay.


A shukubo is basically a ‘ryokan’, a traditional guesthouse providing lodging to visitors to nearby shrines or temples. In the past, they provided accommodation to people on pilgrimages, a function they still serve today. However, you don’t need to a devotee of any particular faith or on pilgrimage yourself to enjoy staying at one. Offering traditional comforts and good food, staying at a shukubo while in Togakushi is an ideal way to further your understanding and enjoyment of the area.

Many shukubo serve vegetarian-only menus making them an attractive to guests with such dietary requirements while the focus of owners is always creating a tranquil, quiet and relaxing atmosphere in which to stay. In-keeping with the style of most shukubo and ryokan, rooms will feature ‘tatami’-matting, low furniture and on-floor ‘futon’ bedding and are likely to include shared bathroom facilities segregated by gender.


Accommodation listings for Togakushi can be found through our ‘Togakushi Area’ hotel page however if you need assistance in identifying a shukubo in the area, it might be best to contact the Togakushi Tourist Information Center who will be able to assist (Japanese language only).



Throughout the year

Prices vary depending on chosen accommodation

Approximately 70-minutes drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

The Togakushi Tourist Information Center can be reached using local bus services from Nagano Station. Buses depart from outside the Alpico office across from the Zenkoji Exit of the station. Take either Bus No.70 or No.73 and disembark at the Chusha / Middle Shrine Stop when you see the large 'torii' gate to your right. The journey takes around 65-minutes when using Bus No.70 and 85-minutes when using Bus No.73 and costs JPY1,350 one-way.