How to Get to the Snow Monkey Resorts Tour Desk

How to Get to the Snow Monkey Resorts Tour Desk

Our tour desk is located only 2 minutes walk from Nagano Station following these directions:


1 / Walk through the station past the shinkansen/bullet train ticket gates (on your left) and exit the station via the East Exit.


2 / Take the escalator or stairs out of the station and walk directly ahead along the raised walkway. The stations parking and access roads are the below the walkway as you walk.


3 / You as you cross the walkway you will come to an elevator and a short staircase leading down to another raised walkway. Walk down the small staircase directly in front of you. Do not head down either of the long staircases on your left and right that lead to the road below.


4 / Walk straight ahead and you soon see the Snow Monkey Resorts sign and flag approximately 50 meters ahead of you.


It’s very simple! Basically exit the station out of the East Exit and walk straight until you see our office. We are open every day from 9AM until 6PM,tours can be booked at the office, by phone on +81(0)26-219-6256 or via email at