Ski / Snowboard Rental

Ski / Snowboard Rental

Skiing and snowboarding is incredibly fun but you need equipment. Equipment is generally to heavy to take with you from overseas, so the best way to go is to look for affordable rentals.


SNOW CAN is a rental shop found in several locations in Shiga Kogen. The ski-lifts and slopes are interconnected so even if you stray from the shop you rented at, you can just drop the equipment off at a branch store. Be sure however, to mention the location you got them from. Some of their shops also offer souvenirs and sell ski wear.


There are many different prices depending on duration of the rent (half day, one day or several days). They have an English website and you can reserve in advance, so be sure to check it out. As for sizes, they provide rentals up to 33cm JP size (15US, 49EU), so most people will find something in their size.