'Shodo' (Calligraphy) Experience In Nagano City

'Shodo' (Calligraphy) Experience In Nagano City

Japanese calligraphy or ‘shodo’ is an ancient practice which retains its importance as one of the most popular fine arts in the country. Literally meaning ‘way of writing’, shodo embodies the virtues of harmony and beauty through the controlled brush strokes and balanced, artistic aesthetic of the characters formed by the artist.


Shodo workshops are held every Tuesday at 15:00 and Fridays at both 11:00 and 15:00. Workshops are conducted in English and suitable for guests of all ages. Taking approximately 30-40 minutes, please ensure that you are at the venue at least 5 minutes prior to the workshop.


Please note – if ink touches your clothing it is likely to leave a permanent stain.


Advance booking by email is required 1 day in advance.


Tue: 15:00-16:00

Fri: 11:00-12:00


Tues & Fri


From JR Nagano Station: exit the station from the Zenko-ji Exit and take the bus heading for Zenko-ji Temple from bus stop No.1. Get off at the Patio Daimon bus stop and cross over the road to the Patio Daimon complex. Walk into the courtyard and you will see a staircase leading to the second floor and workshop venue.

Reservation required (by E-mail),No Elevator, Sorry for the inconvenience.


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