Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls is a small but scenic waterfall located in the forests to the north of central Karuizawa. The unique, natural falls measure only 3 metres in height but 70 metres across and are fed by underground volcanic water rising to the surface. As such, the water supply is constant and as it is not reliant on rainfall, the flow is relatively consistent regardless of the season and weather.


Known as ‘Shiraito no Taki’ or the ‘Waterfall of White Threads’, the falls are beautiful throughout the year but perhaps at its most stunning in October, when the surrounding forest turns red, gold, amber and brown with the stunning autumn leaves of Karuizawa.


The falls are readily accessible from Karuizawa Station using the Kusuakura Kotsu bus service. There are one or two services each hour taking around 25 minutes / JPY720 to reach Shiraito Falls. For further information regarding the many highlights of Karuizawa, please refer to our ’25 Things To Do In & Around Karuizawa’ page.