Shiga Kogen: Yokoteyama Summer Ski-Lift

Shiga Kogen: Yokoteyama Summer Ski-Lift

One of the popular things to do in Shiga Kogen in summer is to make use of the ski-lifts and enjoy majestic mountain views at Yokoteyama, the tallest mountain in the Shiga area. When you arrive at the beginning, first you take a ski-lator, a ski escalator, which carries you up to the middle part. From there, you can get on the ski-lift. It is a ride of 5-6 minutes and takes you to an elevation of 2307 meters.   At the top, you have a panorama of the whole area waiting for you. You have a 360 degree view, with mountains rising up from all sides. If you’re there on a very clear day, then in the distance you can see the mountains of the Japanese Alps, with even further away, Mount Fuji.   If you want to have a coffee while enjoying the view, there is a cafe at the top, which is renowned as the highest-located bakery in Japan. After you drink/lunch, take a walk around the area and see all the flora and fauna. There is plenty to find at Shiga Kogen’s mountain that you could never see in Japan’s big cities, so go to Yokoteyama to discover a whole new part of Japan.