Shiga Kogen: International Ski School

Shiga Kogen: International Ski School

If you want to learn more about sliding over the snow, Shiga International Ski School is the perfect options for you. It is a talented, international team of instructors that can teach all, from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders.


English is the primary language of the Ski School but there are instructors with all different sorts of backgrounds. Just inquire and ask if your language is available!



If you want to see the options for group lessons*, see below:

*The lesson group size is limited to up to 6 people


Skiing for Children (4-12 yrs):

・9:30 – 12:00: ¥9,800

・Full day until 15:00: ¥14,900 (includes lunch)

・13:00 – 15:00: ¥8,800 (not available for first-timers)


Skiing for Adults:

・2 Hours: ¥9,500

・4 Hours: ¥13,500


Snowboarding for Adults*:

・2 Hours: ¥9,500

・4 Hours: ¥13,500

*There are no snowboarding group lessons for small children. Children older than 12 years can join the snowboard lessons.


If your group is more up for private lessons, please see the below price list:

・2 Hours: ¥19,000

・3 Hours: ¥27,000

・4 Hours: ¥37,000

・5 Hours: ¥45,000