Shibu Onsen: Origami Workshop

Shibu Onsen: Origami Workshop

What often comes to mind when thinking about Japanese arts and crafts, is origami, the craft of folding paper in shapes. In Shibu Onsen, a traditional little town, there is a shop where a huge variety of origami are displayed and sold. If you’d like to try your hand at crafting one of these tiny, little works of art, the shop-owner will be more than happy to teach you the basics of origami. Moreover, being a lifelong resident of Shibu, he can tell you all about the historic village (provided you speak a little Japanese)


The shop is hidden away, down the stairs at onsen bath number 6. You’ll have to look to find the place, but if you do, the number and complexity of origami will amaze you.


Irregular holidays

From Yudanaka Station:Get on the bus heading for either Kanbayashi Onsen or Okushigakogen and get off at either the Shibu Onsen Iriguchi or Shibu Onsen Wago-bashi bus stop. Walk to the main street and get down the stairs at onsen number 6. You'll see the shop on the left.


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