Shibu Onsen: Decorative Planning Workshop

Shibu Onsen: Decorative Planning Workshop

The decorative planting workshop is one where algae are used to create an algae-made decoration in a glass bowl. This form of art derives from the age-old art of bonsai, an artform where a tree (usually a tiny one) is cultivated in a container. It is known all over the world and is a craft very representative of Japan. In this case, you use algae instead of a tree.


At the ryokan (Japanese inn) Matsuya, you can get a course in the art of the creating an algae work of art. You learn the basics of taking care of the plant, and how to groom and position it. The experience is available for overnight customers of the ryokan. For those interested, you have to reserve the activity as it is not always available. If you wish to reserve please make a reservation by emailing in advance to