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The 9 Healing Hot Springs of Shibu Onsen

The 9 Healing Hot Springs of Shibu Onsen

Boasting a 1300-year history and numerous sources of thermal water, Shibu Onsen has long been regarded as a place of healing and refuge. Home to many traditional guesthouses, most of which have their own ‘onsen’ (natural hot spring), Shibu Onsen is also famous for its nine ‘public’ hot springs. Dotted through the town, each of the nine bathhouses has its own source of water with minerals and properties said to benefit anyone suffering the following ailments:

Bath No.1: Stomach and intestinal ailments
Bath No.2: Skin Conditions
Bath No.3: Cuts and acne
Bath No.4: Gout
Bath No.5: Neuralgia
Bath No.6: Eye disease
Bath No.7: Injuries
Bath No.8: Women’s health issues
Bath No.9: Neuralgia and rheumatism

Of course each or any can also be enjoyed for pure relaxation! Completing all nine onsen is a circuit called the ‘Kyu to Meguri’, something that can be done by anyone staying in Shibu Onsen. Upon check-in, all guesthouses provide their guests with a key that opens all nine bathhouses. Soaking in all nine is said to give you a long life and good fortune. Day-visitors to Shibu can access the largest bathhouse – Bath No.9 or the ‘O-yu’. Tickets are available at the Shibu Onsen Tourist Information Office.

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6:00 to 22:00

Open daily

Free for guests of all guestshoues in Shibu / Day-visitors to Shibu can use Bath No.9 with tickets - JPY500 - available at the Shibu Onsen Tourist Information Office

Around 5-minutes drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

From Nagano Station, take the limited express service on the Nagano Dentetsu (Nagaden) Railway to Yudanaka Station - 45 minutes / JPY1290. Once at Yudanaka, you can walk to Shibu Onsen - around 20-minutes on foot - or take a local bus or taxi - under 5 minutes