Ride the Kurobe Gorge Railway
Unazuki Onsen: Stay & Enjoy a Hot Spring

Unazuki Onsen: Stay & Enjoy a Hot Spring


The Kurobe Gorge Railway runs to and from Unazuki Station. Located in the hot spring town of Unazuki Onsen, visitors to the area have the option to staying locally and enjoying one of the town’s many guesthouses – many of which have their own ‘onsen’.


‘Onsen’ (natural hot springs) come in all shapes and sizes in Japan. Some are ancient, run-down and a little bit wild while others are modern, stylish and indulgent. Many are open to the public as daytime spas open to the public however just as many are inside or attached to hotels and guesthouses and for the exclusive use of overnight guests.


Known as ‘ryokan’ or ‘minshuku’ in Japanese, staying at an onsen hotel is a fantastic option for guests wanting a truly immersive experience.


Ryokan can be found throughout Japan and there is certainly not shortage in Nagano. All of the recommended onsen towns in the region have built their reputations on the unique properties of their water and number of accommodation options they offer. Hotels typically reserve use of their onsen exclusively for their guests and often offer private onsen, known as ‘kashikiri-buro’, which can be arranged at time of check-in (possibly at a small additional fee).


For accommodation options, please refer to our ‘Unazuki Onsen & Kurobe Gorge’ hotel page.



Ride the Kurobe Gorge Railway

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