Noto Peninsula

Noto Peninsula

Extending 100 kilometres into the Sea of Japan, Noto Peninsula is relatively isolated region and home to beautiful coastal vistas. A place of tremendous beauty including rugged coasts and lush forests, the area has not developed to the extent of other regions of Japan and as such, offers visitors escape, solitude and pristine beauty.


Coastal roads allow for scenic drives while just inland from the sea, rural villages ago about their daily lives with a strong sense of tradition. Needless to say that any visit to the peninsula basically obliges you to try plenty of seafood which is unsurprisingly pretty amazing.


Wajima is the largest town on the peninsula, known of its excellent seafood market and a convenient point from which to explore the peninsula. Wakura Onsen is another popular area with many hot springs and guesthouses to choose from. For accommodation options, refer to our ‘Noto Peninsula Area’ hotel page.


A lack of public transport in and around the Noto Peninsula also helps to keep visitor numbers down, requiring you to arrange a rental car to really make the trip worthwhile. The region boasts many guesthouses ranging from budget to luxury including some truly beautiful, hidden gems.


Accessible throughout the year

There are no train services or convenient public transport around the peninsula. For that reason, we recommend using a rental car to explore the region. Should you still wish to use public transport, head to Anamizu Station from where buses run to Wajima - 30 to 50 min / JPY760