Nakasendo Trail & Kiso Valley
Discover the Beautiful Kiso Valley

Discover the Beautiful Kiso Valley

Visitors to the post towns of Magome, Tsumago and Narai, including those who choose to walk the trail between them, will be passing through the beautiful Kiso Valley. Long regarded as one of the most beautiful pockets of Nagano, the Kiso Valley is a place of dense forests, undulating mountains and shimmering rivers – a place of myth and legend.

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Lying in the center of Japan’s mountainous heartland, the Kiso Ontake Mountain Range dominates and defines the region. The heavily forested mountains and abundant flow of the rivers that have carved-out the dramatic gorges and waterfalls nestled within them, are domains of special beauty.

As Japan’s second tallest volcano (behind Mt Fuji), Mt Ontake is the imposing and sacred heart of the mountain range. Rising to 3067 meters above the valley below, Ontake is a popular destination for mountaineers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts. The Ontake Ropeway is open from late-April until early-May and again from late-June to early-November, transporting visitors to the mountains seventh station, 2333 meters above sea level.

Though the region has not been immune to development, the rugged nature of the landscape has prevented Kiso being overly-urbanized. Kiso is a place of rare beauty, where lush forests have traditionally supported a thriving timber industry and craftsmanship and in doing so, engrained local people with a deep respect for nature

It is a place of tradition, where the crafts and industry of old, and the townships that grew from them, continue to thrive and now welcome the world to visit. Start with these 25 things to do around the Nakasendo & Kiso Valley. We encourage you to walk the trail, go slow, and follow the ancient road to this quiet enclave and discover the Japan of your imagination.


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