How to Get to the Zenko-ji Monzen Precinct

How to Get to the Zenko-ji Monzen Precinct

Located less than 2 minutes walk from the entrance to the Zenko-ji Temple, this historic Monzen/Patio Daimon precinct is easily accessible on foot or by public bus from Nagano Station.



For visitors starting their journey to the Zenko-ji Monzsen Precinct outside of Nagano City, please also refer to our ‘How to Get to Nagano Ctiy’ page for directions from other cities and locations.


From Nagano Station


Many visitors coming to Monzen/Patio Daimon will do so directly from that station. Located only 1.6km from Nagano Station, Monzen/Patio Daimon can be accessed on foot, by taxi or public transport:


On Foot


Monzen/Patio Daimon is located less than 2 minutes walk from Zenko-ji Temple so it’s simply a matter of heading that direction. To do so, exit the station via the Zenko-ji Exit and cross the traffic lights directly in front of you. Once over the road, walk to your right and you will see a road on your left, with a 7-11 and Starbucks on opposite sides. Walk along this road and once at the end turn right. You are now on the Omotesando which leads directly to the temple. This historic thoroughfare includes many shops, restaurants, cafés and more making the 1.4km / <20 minute stroll to Monzen/Patio Daimon an enjoyable way to approach the famous temple. Patio is on your right at the final major intersection before you enter the temple.


By Bus or Taxi


From Nagano Station you can also take the bus, train or private taxi. To use the bus, exit the station via the Zenko-ji Exit and head to bus stop no.1 on your left. A one-way fare costs JPY150 – purchased on the bus – and takes around 5-7 minutes. Disembark when you hear the driver announce the Zenko-ji stop. Taxis are also available from the station. Again, exit via the Zenko-ji Exit and you will see the taxi stand on your far left.


By Train


A good option for visitors purchasing the Snow Monkey Pass, the temple can be reached via Gondo Station when coming from JR Nagano Station, the monkey park or any other destination on the Nagano Dentetsu (Nagaden) train line.


To access the Nagaden line, exit the station via the Zenko-ji Exit and head down the escalator on the right. Once at the bottom, head to your left and you will shortly see the Nagaden ticket window. Snow Monkey Passes and train tickets can be purchased at this window with the platform accessible via the same spot.


For visitors heading to Zenko-ji from Nagano Station or on the way back from the monkey park or other stops on the line, disembark at Gondo Station. At Gondo, exit the ticket gates and go to your right and up the stairs. This will bring you to Gondo Dori, a covered shopping street. Walk to your right and follow the covered street until it ends at the Omotesando. Turn right and follow the street toward the temple – from the station, a <10 minute walk. Monzen/Patio Daimon is located on your right, at the final major intersection before the temple.


From the Jigokudani Monkey Park, Obuse and Suzaka


Visitors using the train to access the monkey park will do so via Yudanaka Station. From Yudanaka, take the train to Gondo Station and follow the directions above. All services – both local and limited express – stop at Gondo Station along with Obuse and Suzaka.


Both Obuse and Suzaka are enjoyable morning or afternoon destinations and can be easily combined with visits to the monkey and/or Zenko-ji.


From Zenko-ji


Walk out of the temple through the main entrance and stroll down the ‘Omotesando’ (the main road). When you come to the first major intersection, you will see Monzen/Patio Daimon over the road on your left.