Myoryuji (Ninja Temple)

Myoryuji (Ninja Temple)

Often referred to as ‘Ninjadera’ or the ‘Ninja Temple’, Myoryuji is a fascinating example of a historical building with lots of hidden secrets. Ostensibly a temple, Myoryuji was also designed as a look-out for enemies approaching Kanazawa.

Located the Teramachi District of Kanazawa, the area is home to many important temples but the Ninja Temple can lay claim to being the most interesting. Hidden tunnels, secret rooms, corridors and staircases reveal that Myoryuji was in reality a military outpost, disguised and designed so that samurai could move to and from it, unseen by the enemy.

The temple can only be entered on a guided group tour. Tours are arranged at the temple with reservations required on busy days. Tours are only conducted in Japanese however non-Japanese speakers can make use of good English language guidebooks to join in.


09:00 to 16:00/16:30 (tours conducted every 30 min)

Open daily (closed Jan.1)


From Kanazawa Station, take the Kanazawa Left Loop Bus to the Hirokoji Bus Stop - approx. 15 min / JPY200 one-way – and walk 5 minutes to the temple Alternatively, the walk from the station takes around 40 minutes and takes you through the Nagamachi Samurai District


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