Movie Theater (Grand Cinema)

Movie Theater (Grand Cinema)

Going to a Japanese movie theater is somewhat different than going to a movie in, let’s say, America. While the differences are not huge, movie-lovers would probably enjoy the different atmosphere.


Many American movies are shown at the movie theater but there is no lack of Japanese films, animated or live action. The release of American movies is usually later compared to many other countries as on top of the movie being subtitled they often release it together with the dubbed version.


Ticket prices range from 1000 to 1800 yen. This could be seen as expensive to some but the food and drinks available at the movie theater are cheap in comparison to other countries. Tickets are often booked in advance but there is also a ticket counter available for those going to the movie theater on a whim. It is common to be able to choose your own seat – they are reserved seats, so no free seating.


One thing to be aware of is that most people stay put until the last of the credits roll by. It can be considered as rude if people leave before the absolute end of the movie.



Movie starting hours differ per day

¥1000 yen to ¥1800

From Nagano Station:When exiting the station take a right turn and get on the Nagano Odori (長野大通り). Walk along this street for around 15 minutes until you see a big parking lot on your right. The Nagano Grand Cinemas is found next to the parking building.

〒380-0833 長野県長野市権堂町鶴賀1506