Mount Koya Temple Lodgings

Mount Koya Temple Lodgings

Known as ‘shukubo’ in Japanese, temple lodgings often surround important temples throughout Japan. Intended to provide accommodation to pilgrims, most shukubo are open to guests of any faith or background, regardless of whether than are there on pilgrimage or visiting for other reasons.


Mount Koya is one of the most popular places to experience staying in a temple lodging with over fifty temples offering accommodation. Lodgings typically offer private Japanese-style rooms featuring tatami matting, sliding doors, on-floor futon bedding and shared bathrooms.


Dinner is usually served around 17:30 to 18:00 with guests welcome to join morning prayers around 06:00 before enjoying breakfast around 07:00. Food is usually vegetarian, in-keeping with the diet of the resident monks. Information regarding accommodation in and around Mount Koya can be found through our ‘Mount Koya Area’ hotel page.


Open throughout the year

Prices vary by guesthouse

Most visitors traveling to and from Mount Koya will use the cable-car running from/to Gokurakubashi Station. The ride takes only 5 minutes / JPY500 and operates between 05:30 and 22:30 (approximately). To reach Gokurakubashi, take the Nankai Koya Line from Namba Station or Shin-Imamiya Station in Osaka. Please note, once visitors have arrived at Mount Koya they are not permitted to walk into the town centre but must instead use a bus or taxi


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