Miso Brewery Tour & Lunch in Matsumoto

Miso Brewery Tour & Lunch in Matsumoto

Did you know that Nagano Prefecture is the largest producer of ‘miso’ in Japan? Made from fermented soybean, miso is a staple of all Japanese kitchens and underpins countless dishes you are sure to be familiar with. Located around 15 to 20-minutes walk from Matsumoto Station, Ishii Miso Brewery is renowned as one of the best in the region and a rare example of a brewery which continues to use traditional methods. Open to the public, a guided visit to the brewery is a great way to learn more about the traditions and importance of miso to the region while also enjoying lunch at Ishii Miso’s enticing restaurant.


Visitors wanting to visit the brewery with an English-speaking guide can do so by booking a 2-hour tour. Starting from Matsumoto Station, your guide will walk you to Ishii Miso where you will enjoy a guided tour of the brewery before sitting down to a lunch including ‘onijiri’ (rice balls), ‘tsukemono’ (pickled vegetables) and ‘tonjiru’ (pork soup. Miso underpins each dish, demonstrating just how much this seemingly simple ingredient invigorates food and in many ways, defines the food culture of the region.

Available upon on request at all times of year, tours are typically conducted between 11:30 and 13:30 with the booking office open from 08:00 to 18:00. Bookings can be made using the phone number and email listed above.



11:30 to 13:30

Available every day (upon request) except over New Year period

JPY8000 per peron (includes lunch)

Tours typically operate to and from Matsumoto Station. Your guide will confirm your meetup point and time upon booking