Local Food & Drink in Azumino

Local Food & Drink in Azumino

Known for its abundant farmlands producing some of Japan’s best fruit and vegetables – most famously apples, ‘soba’ (buckwheat noodles) and ‘wasabi’ – Azumino is already known for its delicious food complimented by a number of local breweries.


Sitting beneath the North Alps, Azumino and the surrounding area is blessed with abundant, pure water, that has long been put to good use in producing fantastic ‘sake’ and more recently, craft beer and cider – a perfect match for Azumino’s tasty cuisine best enjoyed in one of the region’s many restaurants.


Famous for its apples and grapes, the region’s burgeoning cider industry is gaining more and more attention while Azumino is quickly establishing itself as one of Japan’s leading wine regions. With lots to entice you to visit, combining a visit to the region’s multiple venues is a great way to be ahead of the trend and discover one of Central Japan’s emerging culinary regions.


Blessed with abundant pristine water cascading down from the North Alps, Azumino produces some of Nagano’s best ‘sake’ – another perfect complement for the region’s delicious food.


Located only 30-minutes drive from central Matsumoto, Daisekkei is a great place to start. The welcoming brewery staff offer tours and a free tasting in their store, a great option as a launching point for exploring the region’s many fantastic breweries and restaurants.


Visiting Azumino for the first time and need some guidance on where to go? Contact us using the enquiry form below and we’ll point you toward some breweries, vineyards and restaurants in the region.


Operating times vary between restaurants & breweries

Operating dates vary between restaurants & breweries

Approximately 1.5 hours drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

The restaurants and breweries of Azumino and spread across a wide region, making driving the best option between venues. Daisekkei is located around 30-minutes drive to the north of Matsumoto and an ideal starting point


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