Lake Kagami-Ike

Lake Kagami-Ike

Lake Kagami-ike translates to Mirror Lake and that is literally what the lake is; a mirror. The water of the lake is crystal-clear and has a backdrop of the Togakushi Mountain Range. It reflects the impressive Togakushi Mountains and on a clear day with no wind it is the perfect mirror image. The best time of day for seeing this is the early morning.


The lake is lovely to see in all seasons. In winter the area will be covered in snow and the lake shows the reflection of the white mountains. In autumn, the lake is a popular spot for seeing the autumn colors with the trees surrounding the lake are colored in reds, yellows and oranges. In summer the area is full of rich green trees and bushes while spring has the fresh greens with some snow still covering the Togakushi Mountain Range.


There are various ways to go to the pond, one of them being getting off at the bus-stop close to the lake. Another is a hike up to the lake. We offer a tour that takes you on a hiking route to the lake. For more information please click here.