La Casta Natural Healing Garden & Fragrance Workshops

La Casta Natural Healing Garden & Fragrance Workshops

Producing some of Japan’s best-known cosmetics and aromas, La Casta sits within a beautiful landscape garden and insight of the dramatic North Alps. As such, a visit to La Casta offers an escape from the stress and hassle of daily life, starting with its expansive garden.


The La Casta garden is designed as a place of refuge and space in which to harmonise with nature. At its most spectacular from spring to autumn, the garden boasts numerous species of plants including a stunning array of flowers that attract insects, bees and birds. Wandering the garden offers a true sense of relaxation before heading inside the main building where visitors can enjoy the chance to mix their own aroma, led by La Casta’s attentive staff.


Fragrance Workshops run for around 20-minutes and cost JPY1000 per visitors. In that time staff guide visitors on choosing fragrances and then mixing their own room mist, bath oil or personal scent to wear. Simple but highly enjoyable, this experience is suited to guests of all ages and doesn’t require extensive Japanese language ability.


With all manufacturing taking place on-site, La Casta’s giftshop has their full product range to choose from with all items designed to energise, revitalise and heal.



10:00 to 16:00 (and until 17:00 from May to September)

Open daily (except Wednesdays) from late-April until early-November

Entry to garden: Adults & High School Students JPY1000; Junior HS & Elementary Students JPY500 / Fragrance workshops: JPY1000 per person

La Casta is within easy walking distance of Azumi-Kutsukake Station. To reach Azumi-Kutsukake, take the local Oito Line from Matsumoto Station - approx. 45-minutes