The Seasons & When to Visit

The Seasons & When to Visit

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Open to the public every day from April 17th until November 15th, a visit to Kamikochi in any season offers a unique and stunning experience. Given the valley’s  average altitude of around 1500 meters, temperatures and weather can vary greatly across seasons. As a rule of thumb, Kamikochi is typically 10 to 15°C lower than Tokyo on any given day.

Upon opening in April, daytime temperatures are likely to be between 0-10°C with considerable snow still on the mountains above. As the temperature rises flowers begin bloom and spring takes hold.

Through May and June the temperature will steadily rise to around 14-17°C, typically under big blue skies, before the rainy season takes hold in the second half of June and into July. This is low season for visitors and for that reason, in itself a great time to visit.

Summer takes hold from mid-July through August, as daytime temperatures rise to between 20-25°C. The valley is awash with colour and notably cooler at this time of year than Tokyo, popular attractions such as Kappabashi become crowded.


As the temperature drops heading into September and October – daytime temperatures are likely to be between 10-17°C – the leaves slowly change colour – a stunning display of red, yellow, orange and gold – and early snow falls on the mountain peaks. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit and if you time your visit for November – expect temperatures between 0-10°C – crowd numbers quickly fall away before Kamikochi closes for the coming winter.


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