Onsen Kaede-no-Yu

Onsen Kaede-no-Yu

Located inside Yudanaka Station, Onsen Kaede-no-Yu is one of the nearest public hot springs to the Jigokudani Monkey Park. Open daily from 10:00 to 21:00, it is popular with local residents and visitors who are waiting for their train to head back toward Nagano Station. The hot springs are segregated into men’s and women’s, both of which have indoor and outdoor baths. The station itself is small so you can’t miss the onsen. The entrance is located on the opposite side to the platform gate, nearby the large ‘momiji’ (maple tree) which stands outside.


Said to be around four hundred years old, the momiji is also nearby Kaede-no-Yu’s public foot spa. Known as ‘ashi-yu’ in Japanese, the foot spa can be used free of charge and offers simple relaxation when awaiting your train. Simply take your shoes and socks off, roll-up your pants and rest your feet in the thermal water. After a day of exploring the monkey park or skiing and snowboarding in the resorts of Shiga Kogen and Kita-Shiga Kogen, it’s amazing how much this simple action refreshes the body and reinvigorates you for the journey ahead.


Looking for other onsen nearby the monkey park? Our ‘Best Onsen (Hot Springs) Near the Snow Monkey Park page has some great suggestions of where to find them including the option of staying at a hot spring guesthouse.



10:00 to 21:00 (last entry at 20:30)

Closed on the first Tuesday of every month

Adults (over age 12): JPY300, Kids: JPY150

Approximately 5-minutes drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park

From Yudanaka Station: turn to the left when you get out of the train station and walk to the other side of the train tracks. Basically, keep going to your left. You will see Kaede no Yu with the foot bath in front of the onsen building - you really can't miss it


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