Take Your Time & Enjoy Everything the Park has to Offer

Take Your Time & Enjoy Everything the Park has to Offer


To access the park, you will come through a small village called Kanbayashi Onsen. As the name suggests, Kanbayashi Onsen is home several guesthouses with their own ‘onsen’ (hot springs). Using the same source of natural thermal water as the monkeys, staying at any of these guesthouses is a great option if you want to spend an evening nearby the park and experience traditional Japanese service.

Staying nearby the park allows you the time and convenience to stay longer or time your visit for the early morning or late afternoon, when the park is at its quietest. Late afternoon is a great time to visit with the light be ideal for capturing some great photos!

There are several good accommodation options in Kanbayashi Onsen. Our recommendation is Hotel Senjukaku. Known for its outstanding ‘kaiseki’ (traditional multi-course) meal service and indulgent hot spring, Senjukaku can lay claim to being the best guesthouse nearby the monkey park. Offering luxury and comfort with a choice of Western or on-floor ‘futon’ bedding in traditional Japanese rooms, the hotel is a great option for any visitor wanting to spend the evening close to the monkeys.

Hotel Senjukaku kanbayashiHotel Senjukaku kanbayashi

Kanbayashi is also home to a small number of restaurants and cafes offering casual to fine dining. Nearest to the park, Enza Café serves both Western and Japanese favourites including warming ramen in winter and tasty summer burgers. The cafes friendly, English-speaking staff are on-hand to ensure your visit is an enjoyable one with the outdoor terrace and take-out window catering to guests who want to enjoy the tranquil surroundings or need to keep moving.


Further down the hill – between the public bus stops – Hotaru-tei is a popular local restaurant housed in a 160-year old traditional mansion. This beautiful and historically important building, is an ideal place to sit and enjoy some of the best cuisine in the region sumptuous hotpot, tempura, sushi and wagyu beef.


Immediately next to the trail entrance (which leads to the park), our Snow Monkey Resorts Info & Gift Shop carries a range of merchandise – all things monkey related – and provides rental services including boots in winter, baggage storage, and English-speaking staff to assist with your questions and help ensure an enjoyable and easy visit to the park.



Want to visit the monkey park on a private tour or charter? Feel free to contact us and let’s get planning together!