Ishii Miso Brewery

Ishii Miso Brewery

Located around 20-minutes walk from Matsumoto Station, Ishii Miso is a great option for visitors wanting to sample, buy or enjoy a meal at one of Nagano’s oldest and best miso breweries.


Made from fermented soybean, miso is a staple of the Japanese diet and found in every kitchen and restaurant in the country. Operating since 1868, Ishii Miso is one of the few remaining breweries that still crafts its miso in the traditional way using wooden barrels and without use of modern methods to quicken the fermentation process, Ishii Miso produces some of the region’s best miso.


You can sample and buy miso at the breweries shop, eat a miso-based lunch at their restaurant and even tour the brewery, with informative tours available in both English and Japanese. No advanced booking is needed for a tour. Simply enquire when you arrive and one of their friendly staff will assist you.