Hirayu Onsen

Hirayu Onsen

Hirayu Onsen is one of five hot spring towns making-up the Okuhida Onsen area. Directly accessible by bus from Takayama and Matsumoto, Hirayu is home to a large number of hotels and guesthouses in a small area. Located around 20 minutes drive from Kamikochi – also directly accessible using services from/to the Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal – staying in the town is a great option for visitors looking for accommodation nearby Kamikochi.


Prices for accommodation in Hirayu Onsen vary greatly from reasonably-priced to expensive, with hotels often booked-out on weekends and public holidays during the months that Kamikochi is open to the pubic – mid-April to mid-November. At small number of restaurants and cafes are in the town along with foot spas and some other interesting attractions. Information regarding accommodation in and around Hirayu can be found through our ‘Hirayu Onsen Area’ and ‘Okuhida Onsen Area’ pages.


Accessible throughout the year

To reach Hirayu Onsen, take the Nohi bus from either Takayama – around 60 min - or Matsumoto – around 2 hours - to the Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal. Taxis are available from the bus terminal with local buses also running to the other towns making-up Okuhida Onsen


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